Your dependable mechanic and MOT test centre

Established for over 30 years as the car mechanic of choice in Bottisham and Cambridge

Motor mechanics and car repairs is what we do best here at EC Autocare. For the past 34 years our car garage has represented the belief that you get what you pay for. Like you, we believe that your safety is paramount, so when it comes to car mechanics and vehicle servicing we know you expect a reliable service that never cuts corners. Our long standing reputation is built on an honest and transparent approach to your car repairs. Exceptional service and great workmanship go hand in hand, so whether you're based in Cambridge or Bottisham  find out why we are the go-to car mechanics in your area.

Call our dedicated MOT test centre for a speedy response 01223 811 122

EC Autocare: Putting your safety first

Just like you we would question any mechanic who compromises your vehicle's safety to save on expenses. This is why you'll never see unsustainable discounts or cheap offers from us, just good honest prices that never scrimp on service. Because we don't cut corners you'll find that your vehicle remains reliable for much longer and saves you money in the long run. This is why our customer's keep coming back year after year.

Call our main road garage for all vehicle servicing and repairs on 01223 812 357

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